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Tipping Wagon 1:50 Heavy Die cast Model KDW625006W


  • Model: KDW625006W

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Scale: 1/50 Die Cast Model, Size: 4x6x17cm
Packing: Window box, 24 pcs in carton
The Material use Australia Metal
Skip is a special kind of hopper conveying material tilting short-haul vehicles, car body fitted with a "bucket" container, can flip for unloading.Applicable to the construction, water conservancy, road construction, mining and other concrete, sandstone, earthwork, short- distance transport of coal, ore and other bulk materials. This money for kaidi 1:50 alloy skip.

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  • Model: KDW625006W
  • Manufactured by: KAIDEWEI

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Frame size

    How do I read the size of the frames?


    We provide measurements for glasses frame on our website in the following formats so that you can choose the frames that are best suited to your face.

    e.g. 54-20-134-26

    1. Lens Diameter (54) is the width across the lens

    2. Bridge width (20) is the distance across the bridge

    3. Arm length (134) is the length of the frame's arm from the front of the frame to the temple which secure the frame behind the ears.

    4. Lens Depth (26) is the height of the lens

    The best, quickest and easiest way of choosing the best fit for you is to note down the measurements of your current pair to give you a guide. Most frames have three measurements on the inside of an arm.
    The Arm Length and Bridge Width will determine the fit and comfort of the frames. The Lenses Diameter (width) and Depth (height) influence the style of glasses. Hence, these factors are respective to your individual preferences.
    As a general rule of thumb, people with narrow faces suit narrow frames. These 4 measurements do not need to match exactly, but if they are close to your current glasses, they will result in a similar fit.

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Polarized Lenses reduce highly reflective glare, present on surfaces such as water, snow and sand. These sunglasses have an eye protection factor rating of EPF10 - the highest available in Australia. They comply with the mandatory requirements of the Australian and New Zealand Standards for sunglasses and fashion spectacles, AS/NZS 1067.1:2016.

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