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Guzzinieyewear.com.au subordination Auslink Trading Co Pty Ltd specialized in designing, manufacturing, distributing and marketing sunglasses, reading glasses and accessories. We dedicated to developing and manufacturing fashion designer sunglasses that exceeds people's expectations! Our high performance sunglasses always live up to the challenge of providing enhanced vision when the elements are stacked up against you. Our design Team looks at the world's fashion hotspots to bring to you our latest fashion sunglasses. We established to develop DC Eyewear, CG Eyewear, Guzzi Eyewear, Guzzini Eyewear, Choppers Eyewear, Swisssport Eyewear, Cooleyes Eyewear, Topvision Eyewear, Top Choice, Red OX etc. brand. Our product series are currently distributed in Australia, New Zealand, Italy, UK, USA and other countries. With over 20 years of experience, our goal is to satisfy the customers with providing superior quality, up-to-date design, competitive price, fast delivery and excellent service. We want to make sure our customers confident in our products in all aspects.
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Australia wide: Guzzinieyewear.com.au charges a flat rate of $10.00 for freight and handling per order no matter how many items you purchase! *** (Condition apply)

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Item Name Date Expected
Beach Sandals Ladies SLP-W310 09/05/2014
Beach Sandals Ladies SLP-W309 09/05/2014
Beach Sandals Ladies SLP-W307 09/05/2014
Beach Sandals Ladies SLP-W308 09/05/2014
Beach Sandals Ladies SLP-W306 09/05/2014
Beach Sandals Ladies SLP-W305 09/05/2014
Beach Sandals Ladies SLP-W303 09/05/2014
Beach Sandals Ladies SLP-W304 09/05/2014
Beach Sandals Ladies SLP-W302 09/05/2014
Beach Sandals Ladies SLP-W301 09/05/2014
Beach Sandals Mens SLP-M207 09/05/2014
Beach Sandals Mens SLP-M208 09/05/2014
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